Rebel Wilson tells court Australian articles hurt her career

Rebel Wilson tells court Australian articles hurt her career

She claims that after the 2015 "campaign", she was sacked from a number of movie roles, work offers dried up, and that she suffered physically and emotionally.

Rebel Wilson's lawyer claimed she began taking sleeping tablets and developed a stress rash because of the stories.

She became seriously ill while on a gap year in South Africa and had a vivid dream in which she felt disconnected from her body, as if she was in the grip of a "voodoo disease".

The Pitch Perfect actress is suing executives of magazine publisher Bauer Media in her native Australia for defamation after they allegedly ruined her reputation by publishing articles across a series of magazines which painted her as a liar and accused her of fabricating facts such as name, age, and upbringing.

Wilson said the woman had a problem with her success, and that she couldn't believe Bauer "would print this rubbish".

"These articles were a deliberate malicious take-down of me", the actress said as she wiped away tears, according to the Press Association.

The articles claimed Wilson had been dishonest about her age, name and childhood.

Bauer Media, on the other hand, argues that their articles had no effect on Wilson's public persona.

She was suddenly pursued by paparazzi, men in cars outside her house, and strangers gave her hugs in the supermarket.

Her barrister Matthew Collins, QC, told the jury that the publishing company "tore down an Australian star to sell magazines".

"Rebel Wilson is an Australian success story", Collins said.

"The hallucination I had was that I was an actress in America at the Academy Awards and I won", she told the court.

"I was hot, hot, hot property by this point". The publisher's lawyer, Georgina Schoff, claimed that the pieces were factual and explained, "They weren't nasty articles".

In the two years since the articles were published, she has had only two roles - one a cameo in the Absolutely Fabulous movie, which she did as a favour, and a stage role in London. "She thought she'd never been hit with such nastiness, coincided to time with the pinnacle of her career", Collins stated.

Hollywood movie star Rebel Wilson has rapped a hallucinated Oscar acceptance speech in court.

She said she later legally changed her first name to Rebel and her surname to her matrilineal Wilson.

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