Britain, EU to begin Brexit negotiations on Monday

As measures are now underway by the Prime Minister Theresa May to form a new government with the support of the once unknown DUP party in Northern Ireland, serious questions are being raised about the capability such a brokered coalition deal can have on the Brexit negotiations along with the ability to sustain and navigate a 5 year term of national governance. Her failure to even retain a majority has delivered anything but, throwing up an even wider array of Brexit scenarios. A diminished Conservative Party had been threatening to break away completely from the EU's single market, but could now have to compromise.

But pressure was mounting for May to change course on the type of Brexit Britain should pursue. May triggered the two-year clock in March.

She thought she knew.

Here's a guide to some of the alternatives.

In either case, Brexit will be softened, and Prime Minister Theresa May could well be, to use George Osborne's phrase, "a dead woman walking".

The Tory party and the Prime Minster had repeatedly emphasised that "Brexit means Brexit", for almost a year, indicating a hard Brexit was going to be pursued, but very little detail of the UK's position was made public.

Brexit secretary David Davis is reportedly planning to make a "very generous" offer on post-Brexit rights for the three million European Union citizens who live in the UK.

Britain will be the first member state ever to leave the bloc. "It is the only way to unite the country and strengthen our bargaining power with the European Union".

While the DUP are deeply eurosceptic, they have balked at some of the practical implications of a so-called hard Brexit - including the potential loss of an open border with the Republic of Ireland - and the talks were likely to touch on efforts to minimise the potential damage to Northern Ireland. He also said the United Kingdom would enter the talks in a "spirit of honest cooperation, taking a pragmatic approach to trying to find a solution that works both for the United Kingdom and the European Union".

Britain could look to the example of non-EU states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. "There are small nations and there are countries that have not yet realised they are small nations".

For many Brexit advocates, these conditions would be impossible to accept as the referendum was largely about getting back control over the country's laws from the EU.

European Union officials played down the importance of Britain's lack of a clear final plan, saying that talks on other issues can go ahead without deciding yet on a new relationship.

"We would restore faith in politics if we could show that this parliament can at least function in presenting a view in the national interest which would command a majority on a cross-party basis", said veteran pro-European Conservative lawmaker Ken Clarke. And there have been hiccups.

The performance of the British economy could also influence perceptions of Brexit.

A final alternative would be to follow the example of Turkey.

A different possibility would be for Britain to remain inside Europe's single market, which would leave the economic relationship with the European Union largely untouched. That means many of its exports, but by no means all, don't face a charge when sold within the EU.

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