Plans for bomb attack on plane foiled

Plans for bomb attack on plane foiled

Police disrupted the first alleged plot in Australia to bring down an airplane and arrested four men in raids on Sydney homes, officials said on Sunday.

Colvin said police were still investigating the specification location, date and time of the planned attack, but confirmed that information pointed to the likelihood that "the aviation industry was potentially a target".

Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin told reporters that the plot specifics were still being investigated.

Mr Turnbull was later asked why the government hadn't beefed up resources along with stepping up security. "In this case, we risk assess regularly, hourly sometimes, around the clock", he said according to Sydney Morning Herald.

"As a matter of course, the Australian government will continue to monitor security developments and adjust security settings as needed", he said.

The plotters were apparently making a peroxide-based explosive device rather than using nitrate-based chemicals that can be detected by airport security swab tests, Barton said. The offences are not related to the alleged plane bomb plot.

Overseas intelligence reportedly led authorities to act after it suggested the men may have been directed by someone else, but Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not confirm this.

Most flights have been leaving on time despite the delays.

Travellers flying on domestic flights were warned by carriers including Qantas to arrive at airports at least two hours before their scheduled domestic flight and three hours for worldwide flights.

He declined to detail the threat that the security staff were searching for.

"It may be that we need to look at the security settings at our airports, in particular our domestic airports, for an ongoing enduring period", he said.

"There'll be lots of speculation around what the intent was. but I don't want to add to that", Dutton told Nine Network television.

Australia raised its terrorism threat level to "probable" in 2014 in response to threats posed by ISIS.

Australia is a staunch ally of the United States and partner in military campaigns in the Middle East.

The plot was "Islamist-inspired", police said. Five plots have been executed. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

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