Top Senate Democrat urges Trump to block China deals over North Korea

Top Senate Democrat urges Trump to block China deals over North Korea

As Trump comes to realize China can not and will not resolve the North Korea issue for the USA and its allies, he has become more critical of China in his tweets, and China appears to have had enough.

President Donald Trump shares a laugh with (clockwise from left) Ms.Seema Verma, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Secretary Tom Price, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Vice President Mike Pence on. His concern, however, was not North Korea but fear that China would close the technology gap between the US and Chinese militaries.

China's rebuke to Mr. Trump didn't use exclamation marks.

"China can put sanctions on North Korea but then North Korea can trade with Mongolia or Russian Federation or other countries and circumvent the sanctions".

While China worries about North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, and the US reaction to them, its overriding concern, USA officials say, is to avoid a North Korean collapse, which could send millions of refugees fleeing toward China and lead to a reunified Korea allied with Washington.

But the Chinese government argues that North Korea won't back down and return to negotiations over its weapons programs unless the United States and its northeast Asian allies, South Korea and Japan, take conciliatory steps.

Now that friendly facade appears to be cracking.

On Monday, Xinhua, Beijing's official news agency, published a 1,000-Chinese character editorial deriding Trump's incessant Twitter habit as "emotional venting". To that end, if China continues to passively address North Korea, I urge you to use your authority over the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to suspend the approval of all mergers and acquisitions in the Chinese entities. "I felt pretty strongly that [China] had a tremendous power over North Korea". "No matter how capable China is, China's efforts will not yield practical results".

"Instead of de-escalating tension we see of course further testing that we oppose and we also see language and action from elsewhere that heightens tension, talking about 'all options on the table, '" he said. He said his country's objective was to achieve nuclear denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and negotiations.

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