Teen makes hasty exit out of taxiing jet's emergency door

Teen makes hasty exit out of taxiing jet's emergency door

San Francisco: A 17-year-old passenger swung open an emergency exit on Tuesday and jumped from an aeroplane onto the runway at San Francisco International Airport.

The 17-year-old boy opened the door as soon as the flight from Panama City had landed at San Francisco airport. #Copa Airlines released a public statement saying that the crew members simply closed the door and the plane then taxied to its gate.

A spokesman for San Francisco International Airport said that the teen was stopped by an airfield construction workers who held him until police arrived. The plane later taxied to its assigned gate and all passengers got off the flight without further problems.

No runways or other flights were affected, Yakel said. A woman from San Jone, Sophia Gibson, told KNTV that the people sitting next to the teen were shocked when he jumped off the plane.

Customs and Border Protection is investigating the incident. According to witnesses, the young man quickly and suddenly popped open the emergency door, slid down the plane's wing and hit the ground and started running. Law enforcement took the teen into custody, according to the airline.

Fellow passengers said the boy appeared to be in some kind of emotional distress during the flight.

Copa Airlines said that an investigation is under way and that the airline is cooperating with authorities. It's unclear why he jumped from the plane. She tried to flee and ran towards the terminal when she was detained the by the police, CNN had reported.

"People were yelling, 'Tell the flight attendants". The door's open. Someone jumped off, ' " Crowder added.

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