Iran's supreme leader endorses Rouhani as president for 2nd term

In the meantime, the USA imposed sanctions on Iran have shed shadows over the outcome of the nuclear deal, with President Rouhani vowing to respond to the U.S. moves by breaching the terms of that deal.

Trump, who during his election campaign past year called 2015's nuclear agreement "the worst deal ever", signed new sanctions into law on Wednesday, along with measures against Russian Federation and North Korea. Tehran has prepared measures that Iran would take against the USA action, he added without elaborating, except to say some of the measures will "improve" Iran's armed forces. French energy giant Total defied USA pressure in July by signing a multi-billion-dollar gas deal with Iran.

On foreign policies, Leader underlined that "international interaction must not make us neglect enemy's plots as some of foreign states just seek destruction of Iran", he said.

Addressing religious, military and political leaders, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's top authority, prayed for "the success of a worthy person".

In July, the Trump Administration had already introduced new U.S. sanctions against Iran over what it said were "malign activities across the Middle East" - even though Washington acknowledged that Tehran had been adhering to the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The agreement was championed by former US President Barack Obama and his Administration as one of its landmark foreign policy achievements.

Iran has yet to issue a formal response to the sanctions imposed by the U.S.

"We believe that the nuclear deal has been violated and we will react appropriately", Araghchi said on state television, following news that US President Donald Trump had signed the new sanctions into law.

"The main goal of America in approving these sanctions against Iran is to destroy the nuclear deal and we will show a very intelligent reaction to this action", Araqchi said.

Following the nuclear deal, Washington and the European Union lifted sanctions related to Iran's atomic programme that the West alleged was for military purposes but Tehran said was peaceful.

However, Iran said earlier this week that it would lodge a complaint with the commission that oversees its implementation.

The inauguration of an Iranian president consists of two parts: the first involves Khamenei's formal endorsement, and the second is the oath-taking ceremony at the country's parliament.

Leader Ayatollah Khamenei delivers validation decree to President Rouhani at the start of his second term.

The incumbent moderate president won a landslide victory on May 19 by garnering 57 percent of the ballots.

The ministerial line-up is due to be officially unveiled on Saturday, but reformist allies are angry over news that Rouhani will unveil another all-male cabinet.

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