Sean Spicer already has a new job

Sean Spicer already has a new job

Speculation grew about Spicer joining the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars", but he apparently turned down the ABC offer after talking it over with his wife, a source told Page Six. We weren't really expecting him to, to be honest, but now that we know he definitely won't be, we can't help being sad about it.

According to TMZ, sources claim that Spicer has turned down the DWTS offer due to an "overwhelming number of commitments in the fall". Someone should do a Spicey-inspired dance with a podium anyway, though. But, with television networks allegedly clamoring for his services, he is now being represented by high-powered attorney Bob Barnett, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

While he will not be lacing up his dancing shoes any time soon, the former Republican National Committee staffer can be expected to return in front of a camera soon.

Following his resignation, Spicer met with NBC, CBS, and Fox News, presumably about potential new roles at each of those networks.

"He's not a good dancer", they said.

An OGE spokesperson declined to comment, but Schaub explained why Spicer could be violating the law by discussing the possibility of appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" while working for the government.

Some Twitter users also bemoaned this refusal of an apparent opportunity for Spicer and Melissa McCarthy - who has been playing Spicer on Saturday Night Live - to finally come together as a team.

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