Woman finds lost diamond engagement ring on carrot 13 years later

Woman finds lost diamond engagement ring on carrot 13 years later

When Mary Grams of Alberta, Canada, lost her engagement ring over a decade ago, she never thought she'd find it.

Thankfully, it seems Mary's replacement ring did the trick; for her husband never questioned it once in the eight years before his passing.

The 84-year-old was reportedly delighted when they showed her the ring and instantly knew it was hers.

A delighted Mrs Grams scrubbed the dirt off the ring before sliding it onto her finger as easily as the day her late husband had given it to her.

"I asked my husband if he recognised the ring and he said, "yeah".

The 105-year-old heirloom was lost by Mary Grams in 2004 while gardening.

Grams said she had a general idea of where the ring went missing, but was unable to find it after several weeks of searching and made a decision to buy a replacement before her husband would notice.

Incredibly, the ring resurfaced in her vegetable garden in August 2017.

Grams moved away from the farm, however her family still maintain some of the land there, according to CBC News. On closer inspection, Daley found the carrot had grown around a diamond ring.

"It was so weird that the carrot grew perfectly through that ring".

She tells CBC, "I thought for sure either they roto-tilled it, or something happened to it". Admirable stuff, Mary. Maybe take it off next time you go into the garden, though. "And it turned up on this carrot", she said.

Her daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, pulled that same carrot from the ground for the family's dinner just this week and noticed the ring was strangling something gold when she went to wash the dirt off. "I've never seen anything like that".

"I feel relieved and happy inside", Grams said this week.

Norman passed away five years ago after the couple's 60th wedding anniversary, making the ring even more precious.

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