Australia's citizenship saga continues as another minister may have dual nationality

Fellow senators Matt Canavan, Malcolm Roberts and Fiona Nash, as well as deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, have chosen to also let the High Court decide their fate. He said he was checking if his father's birth in Cyprus makes him British as well as Australian.

"As Senator Nash admitted, she has known since Monday that she was a dual citizen, yet waited until one minute before the Senate rose for a two-week break to inform the parliament", Senator Gallagher said.

Senator Nash said she will not be standing down from her ministerial duties while the Court adds her case to its growing list of referrals.

"I can advise honourable senators that on the basis of the Solicitor-General's advice, the PM has indicated to me that he sees no reason for me to stand aside from my portfolio responsibilities", she said.

If Australian politics hadn't already jumped the shark, it well and truly did last night with National Party deputy leader Fiona Nash admitting to being a citizen of another country.

Ms Vamvakinou added more to her public comments on the matter, originally tweeted on 20 July, "I renounced my citizenship in August 2000 and I took all necessary steps to comply with Section 44 of the Australian Constitution".

Days after her leader, Barnaby Joyce, referred himself to the High Court over his New Zealand citizenship, Senator Nash made the shock announcement late on Thursday, at the end of a remarkable sitting fortnight in Parliament.

The only politicians to resign over their citizenship eligibility are Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters. The remainder of the politicians who may be in breach of the Constitution are from the Senate.

The dual citizen MPs will get their first hearing before the High Court next Thursday.

"Under recent and little-noticed changes to New Zealand law, Australian citizens now don't need a visa to live, study or work in the Land of the Long White Cloud".

Nash's case illustrates how far section 44 (i) can reach.

Senator Nash is the sixth parliamentarian to be a dual citizen. That election backfired for the government, however, leaving it with a bare one-seat majority in the lower house and only 29 seats in the 76-member Senate.

This means that both the Nationals' leader and deputy leader will be before the High Court to determine whether they are ineligible to sit in parliament.

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