WWE Smackdown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton defeat Jinder Mahal, Rusev

WWE Smackdown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton defeat Jinder Mahal, Rusev

Zayn was not pleased by this, of course, and an argument with Owens served as a distraction for English to get the upper hand. Corbin interrupted Dillinger on his way to the ring and the two got in a bit of a skirmish. Tye asked the ref to ring the bell for the match.

After interrupting the singing of Aiden English in the middle of the ring, Kevin Owens complimented the performance and excused English from the squared circle before turning his focus to how he was screwed over last week. Owens started cutting a promo about Shane McMahon costing him the US Title match against Styles last week. Owens said it never would've happened with Stephanie McMahon over on "Raw". What followed was a lightening-fast, but still competitive, bout that ended with The Perfect 10 tapping out to Styles' Calf Crusher after reversing the Tye Breaker. Due to some shady officiating, commissioner Shane McMahon came down to the ring to ensure a clean match, and the subsequent argument with Corbin resulted in the former failed Mr. Money in the Bank walking out on the match - after throwing the stripes at the commissioner.

He made short work of Aiden English in the ring, so who will be next? Kevin Owens walked out and told him that none of the fans can't appreciate his talents. There aren't many "free" faces on the blue brand for him to take on, but I have a feeling that Sami Zayn may be used in his role as sacrificial lamb as Roode's first feud. Kanellis beats Roode into the corner and stomps away at him on the mat. Owens stuck around for commentary, then got in the ring and stole the referee's shirt to prove he could be a better referee than Shane.

According to the report, Ziggler was only brought back to TV for this particular feud, and it seems that Dolph could be leaving WWE in October when his contract expires, as he's reportedly "very unlikely" to renew his deal.

The veteran high-flier is teaming up with Chad Gable in what Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan hopes is an exciting new tag pairing.

Dolph Ziggler is one of WWE's most talented athletes, there's no denying that, but throughout his career Ziggler just hasn't been able to find a secure spot at the top of the card. Big E got sent out of the ring late in the match and Kofi was duped by a blind tag The Usos made.

In about two seconds, Tamina picks up the dominant win. Nattie steps in and tells Carmella that if she tries to cash in, she will make Carmella the Baron Corbin of the Women's division. As Nakamura is getting beaten down, Randy Orton (Nakamura's tag team partner later on tonight) tries to save him. Tamina crushes Stock and finishes her off with a thrust kick.

The Smackdown Women's Championship is now held by Natalya, who will have to face Naomi at some point for her mandatory rematch for the title. Nakamura hit Kinshasa on Rusev for the 1-2-3. They do and Nakamura arrives.

As Nakamura and Orton celebrated in the ring together, The Viper quickly striked and laid out his future opponent with a thunderous RKO out of nowhere.

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