Korea to Deploy 4 Additional THAAD Launchers Thursday

Korea to Deploy 4 Additional THAAD Launchers Thursday

A number of countries have firmly condemned North Korea's test calling for retaliation.

They urged more efforts to pressure North Korea to abandon what they called its "current threatening and destabilizing path".

"Secretary Mattis underscored that the United States' commitment to defend Japan, including the USA extended deterrence commitment, remains ironclad", she added.

"I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States", Trump said in a tweet.

"He further emphasized that any threat to the United States, its territories or its allies will be met with a massive, effective and overwhelming military response, White said".

Trump is to speak Wednesday with China's president.

South Koreans have taken to the streets in recent months to protest the missile defense system, anxious by the escalation of the current crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Their conversation came days after North Korea's latest — and most powerful — nuclear test.

THAAD is created to intercept ballistic missiles.

Many residents have expressed concerns that THAAD - which is created to shoot down short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles - will cause environmental and health problems for locals, due to its emission of electromagnetic waves.

At the USA base in South Korea will deploy four additional THAAD missile defense system on the background of aggravation of the situation around the DPRK.

The Defence ministry said in a statement that some construction would be carried out to deploy the four launchers at the site in Seongju, south of Seoul. The camp already has two operational launchers.

Leftist South Korean president Moon Jae-in opposed the further implementation of the THAAD system without further government inspection of, among other priorities, the environmental effect of installing it as a candidate.

They have raised worries over rumored health hazards linked to the system's powerful radar and the possibility that the town will become a target of North Korean attacks.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday that the North Korean nuclear crisis can not be resolved by sanctions alone, and urged the worldwide community not to push Pyongyang into a corner.

Russian Federation and China are concerned over the deployment of these systems in the area.

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