North Korea urges nuclear build-up on anniversary

North Korea urges nuclear build-up on anniversary

Despite having diplomatic ties with North Korea for years, the Latin American nation has denounced the former's nuclear and missile tests that created a war-like situation in the Korean peninsula. "I know it was frustrating for the global community, but when I'm passionate about something, I just let it absorb my attention completely".

"Our assessment is that the North can carry out a nuclear test at tunnel 3 or 4 of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site", a government official said on customary condition of anonymity. Or would it have to abandon nuclear weapons?

"Military action would certainly be an option", President Trump said.

Abe, who will meet later in the day with Putin, said before his departure from Japan that "we must make North Korea understand there is no bright future for the country if it pursues the current path".

Despite pessimism about discussions with Pyongyang, a United States official speaking on condition of anonymity said there was a chance that economic pressure, especially from China, combined with an agreement to negotiate could convince North Korea to limit its nuclear arsenal or even sign the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.

In a sign of the worldwide stakes over Pyongyang's latest test, China said on Thursday that it had lodged a diplomatic protest with South Korea following its announcement that it would increase deployments of a United States anti-missile system.

"We will respond to barbaric attempts to exert pressure by the USA by our strong countermeasures", Kim Yong-jae said.

The comments by Wang Yi suggested possible room for cooperation over USA -drafted plans to increase pressures on North Korea after its nuclear test earlier this week.

Trump went on to say, in an exchange with a reporter, "I don't put my negotiations on the table".

Under pressure from the U.S. and the UN, China has begun to budge on tightening the grip of sanctions - but may demand direct negotiations in exchange for them.

But Russia - which exports 40,000 tons of oil to North Korea per quarter, according to the Kremlin - has dismissed a US plan to choke off the country's oil supply. For draft sanctions to become a legally binding resolution, the text must receive the support, or at least not be vetoed, by any of the council's five permanent members - the USA, U.K., France, Russia and China.

North Korea warned of further military provocations, saying it would respond to Washington's sanctions and pressure with its "own mode of counteroffensive", adding that the United States would be held totally responsible for "all catastrophic consequences".

The other country opposing the draft resolution is Russian Federation, another source of oil for North Korea. "I think the Palestinians would like it happen and the Israelis would like to see it happen and when you have two groups that would like to see things happen, good things happen". Following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the day of the nuclear test, Xi met the leaders of emerging economies during the BRICS summit on September 4 and 5.

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