Irma knocks out power to 2m in Florida

Irma knocks out power to 2m in Florida

Irma, which some forecasters believe is every bit as powerful as Hurricane Andrew in 1992, is on course to hit the western part of Florida Sunday morning.

FPL is a unit of Florida energy company NextEra Energy Inc.

The post attributed the news to local Fox affiliate WSVN Channel 7 and says that as the massive storm makes it way closer to Florida, customers won't have power.

A series of explosions and meltdowns occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant after a massive quake unleashed a powerful tsunami that shut the facility's cooling systems and led to meltdowns.

FPL's two nuclear plants, Turkey Point and St. Lucie, will be closed on a gradual scale in advance of the onset of winds. It could become a Category 5 at any time.

The company and its power-providing peers in Florida have spent billions of dollars over the last several years upgrading their technology and infrastructure to better handle storms.

Duke has spent more than $2.4 billion on similar upgrades since 2004, including using "self-healing" systems to reroute power.

"FPL has built the most sophisticated and strongest power grid in the nation". Command Center can escape a beating from Hurricane Irma. If the hurricane continues on its present track and strength, Florida's west coast could be more of a "rebuild" to restore power, he said. "Right now, more than 16,000 workers have descended on the state from 30 states, including Canada".

Florida Light & Power said it had almost 17,000 restoration workers positioned across Florida.

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