Apple says its new watch has cellular connectivity problems

Apple says its new watch has cellular connectivity problems

AAPL shares were falling Wednesday morning, after the tech titan admitted to connectivity issues with its Apple Watch Series 3.

People are eager to use Apple Watch Series 3, that are about to start shipping on Friday, September 22. The company is investigating the issue and will likely come out with a fix in a future software update. With a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, it can make/take calls, activate Siri, send texts and connect to the internet without pairing with an iPhone, as previous variants were required to. "We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular", an Apple spokesperson said in an emailed statement. "Poor Dick, he upgraded to the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3". I don't get it.

Reviewers have also criticized a cosmetic change in the Apple Series 3 watch.

Problems with Apple watch connectivity cropped up on three different pre-production models, across two states and on two different carriers, Stern said. Soon, users will be able to stream Apple Music from the device.

Why is Apple Watch Series 3 connecting to unknown WiFi networks? It's not that it looks bad in and of itself, but it draws unnecessary attention. So when the Apple Watch 3 was release this week, I was more than excited to strap it on. For more analysis of Apple, visit the IBD Stock Checkup.

"Audio quality for phone calls on the watch is very good", Gruber wrote. The absence of a browser on the watch means you can't go through the formal steps of connecting, so you're essentially in a sort of wireless limbo - you're connected to the network, but you're not actually getting any data. (The issues are laid out in much more detail in the review.) Within the first couple days of experiencing this, Apple replaced my first review unit with a second one, but that one proved to be problematic, too.

The original Apple Watch Series 3 comes with Global Positioning System function, waterproof design, and a smooth-running processor.

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