Anyone can record and save your snaps forever on iOS 11

Anyone can record and save your snaps forever on iOS 11

So to activate this feature then follow this step. You can disable suggested apps by following these instructions. Now you can use the little video and transform it into a loop, or a bounce - or, most wow-worthy of all, meld all the pictures together into a long exposure picture. So you have to restart your device or Turn on WiFi from the Control Center by visiting the Settings option. You can add shortcuts to things like Wallet, Low Power Mode (thank God) and Notes.

New to iOS 11? To activate the feature, head over to the Control Center, tap the Record icon and a 3-second countdown timer appears inside the icon.

You can now record your screen's activity and the control centre is all different and cool and stuff. Last but not the least the microphone on the device is an advantage of this. For people using 16 or 32GB variants, you can backup your photos on the iCloud or use Google Photos.

Before giving your iPhone or iPad the OS treatment, make sure your data's all backed up.

iOS 11 does drag and drop. When you grab a screenshot, it places a thumbnail at the left-hand corner where you can easily access it and make changes such as cropping it or adding annotations. You can then edit and doodle on the screen.

The phone will detect when you're moving too fast and advise you to turn on the Do Not Disturb While Driving. It basically turn off your phone without actually turning it off. Here is what you can do to get it on your devices.

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So, if you need to completely turn off the WiFi, one has to do it by heading towards the settings menu. Instead, those buttons simply disconnect your iPhone or iPad from connected devices.

Apple explains in a support document that for the "best experience" on your iPhone, you should always try to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. The company says both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to work after their toggles are moved to the off position so that you can use certain features, such as the file-transferring AirDrop, the Apple pencil and Watch, Handoff, Instant Hotspots, and Location Services.

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