Xbox One's Fall Update is Here with Home Personalisation and New Features

Xbox One's Fall Update is Here with Home Personalisation and New Features

The big new Xbox One update is finally upon us.

You can personalize your "Home" more than ever before: You can... They can add their favorite games, friends list, and more with a new concept called blocks. Pins have been increased to 40, and the guide is now faster and more responsive.

The highly anticipated Xbox One X will launch on November 7 with the Xbox One Fall Update installed, so gamers who are buying the console or upgrading to it should also expect to see these changes to the software. Players will be able to switch between its different section using either the controller bumpers, directional pad, or left thumbstick of the Xbox One controller. Perhaps you're better off updating it on your Android or iOS. Sections of the new and improved guide include sign-in, achievements, parties / looking for group, friends, home, messages, broadcasts, and the action center.

Invites now appear in the multiplayer tab of the Guide.

Microsoft has been gradually improving the Xbox One dashboard to make the experience as fluid and simple as possible. Here are all the important things that are included in the download, which is now available to be installed for all Xbox One gamers. Pins - the ability to add tiles of games and apps to your homepage - have been around for a long time, but I've never bothered to use them until now.

Bulk transfer will allow you to select and transfer as many games as you want all at once. The update will also let you filter the game library to find just the Enhanced stuff. This enables players to get into touch with the official and community tournaments that they have already joined. If you enjoyed the Xbox 360 GUI, then this will definitely trigger nostalgic feelings of the lighter elements of the Xbox 360 home menu. You can also download 4K content for existing games on an Xbox One, so you will hit the ground running after launching the Xbox One X. GameDVR has been updated to support more than 4K/HDR screenshots and game clips.

For those of you who aren't wanting to upgrade to an X, though, the Fall Update will still hopefully be a worthy upgrade.

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