Taylor Swift teases futuristic music video for '...Ready for It?'

Taylor Swift teases futuristic music video for '...Ready for It?'

"On Oct. 22, 2017, Taylor Swift posted three videos to her Instagram account, teasing the upcoming release of her music video for "...

On Monday the 27-year-old United States pop star unveiled a snippet from the video, which will be released in its entirety on Thursday, and which sees her in full futuristic mode and seemingly nude.

The blonde beauty went without underwear for the shot, with a series of black lines around her body giving off the image that she is a robot.

From Zac Efron and Harry Styles to John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, it's safe to say that Taylor Swift has had her fair share of famous boyfriends.

One asked: 'Is she naked with editing or is it a bodysuit??

And if we know anything about Swift and her tendency to drop hints in music videos, she's most likely naked for a good reason.

And it shows her baring all as she transforms into a sizzling cyborg.

It's the Swift's second video from the new album, following up the much-buzzed-about visual accompaniment to her first single, "Look What You Made Me Do".

Taylor Swift experimented with lights and bright colours.

Taylor has been hard at work over the last few weeks as she was spotted filming another video in London.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

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