Apple reportedly just picked up AR start-up Vrvana for $30 million

Apple reportedly just picked up AR start-up Vrvana for $30 million

The deal is significant because while we have seen reports and rumors about Apple's interest in AR hardware, the company has been very tight-lipped and generally is very secretive about completely new, future products. Totem's custom lenses that provide a significantly wider field of view than competitors displays were a hit.

So what attracted Apple to Vrvana in particular?

Apple acquired the Montreal-based startup for $30 million Dollars, two sources told the publication. Though it did not offer its boilerplate confirmation, Apple did not refute the acquisition claims.

The headset promises a seamless blend of augmented and virtual reality and also features inside-out tracking via infrared cameras and also does hand tracking for gesture control using the same cameras. This acquisition is perhaps the clearest indicator yet of what the company is hoping to develop. However, the Vrvana site has still not gone black, but social accounts and news updates stopped this year in August. Both Apple and Vrvana declined to comment on the news, but a number of Vrvana employees have relocated from Montreal to Apple facilities in California. Well, the company's headset used a camera-based approach to augmented reality, differing from the likes of Microsoft's Hololens, which utilizes a projection-based display. Touted on Vrvana's website, which is still active at the time of this writing, Totem integrates specialized internal hardware to not only track head position, but also the location of a user's hands to facilitate the manipulation of virtual objects. With AR tech, the consumer would no longer need to carry a phone, as texts and videos would be available even without the device.

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