Black Friday mall brawl breaks out in Alabama shopping center

Black Friday mall brawl breaks out in Alabama shopping center

Police said two men were sitting inside a auto when one of them discharged the gun while trying to holster the weapon.

Black Friday has sent America into a shopping frenzy.

It's been Black Friday for over 24 hours, aka longer than an actual fucking day, because capitalism. As reported, the fight was over a personal dispute rather than a scramble for the best sales, and the women were left with minor injuries.

And apparently there was a second fight, sparked by a shoe flying over the railing and striking a baby.

The mall closed 40 minutes early because of the melee. Hale says two teenage girls got into an altercation inside the mall around 11:30 p.m.

According to Hoover Police, law enforcement was called to the Riverchase Galleria after a fight was reported at the Buckle store. According to Robinson, that started a second fight. In Missouri, a gun was sacked at Columbia Mall in Columbia, Missouri, ABC 17 News reported early Friday morning.

No one was arrested in the violence, Lieutenant Keith Czeskleba said a statement released at around 9:45 a.m. on Friday. Reports of gunfire quickly spread on social media, but authorities said reports of shots fired were not confirmed and no one was shot.

Officers said they could not confirm whether the shooting was accidental or deliberate. New York Daily News reports that the reason for the shooting is unclear.

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