How Ohio State Can Jump Alabama To Get Into College Football Playoffs

How Ohio State Can Jump Alabama To Get Into College Football Playoffs

Its last set of rankings will follow on Sunday, with the top four teams at that point reaching the playoff.

If Alabama joins the SEC champion in the playoff, it would mark the first time one conference puts two teams in the field.

The thing that is hurting the Crimson Tide is their resume.

As for Auburn, one has to think if Gus Malzahn's team win the SEC Championship, it will be higher than the No. 4 seed.

As the College Football Playoffs draw ever closer, there might not be a team in the nation playing better than the Oklahoma Sooners.

Clemson and Oklahoma, the No. 3 and No. 4 teams last week, appear poised to claim the top two spots in one order or the other after commanding wins over SC and West Virginia, respectively.

If UM loses on Saturday, then Clemson would be in the playoff, and UM nearly assuredly would be the next highest-ranked ACC team (ahead of Virginia Tech and North Carolina State) and thus OB-bound.

Scooby Axson compared Oklahoma to Clemson, Auburn and Wisconsin, the other three teams in SI's top four. "Entering that Auburn game, it (Alabama) was 62nd in strength of schedule".

Playoff berths appear squarely at stake in the Auburn-Georgia SEC Championship game and the Clemson-Miami ACC Championship game.

Auburn's defense may be seen as a weak link by some since its conceded over 20 points to Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas and LSU, but limiting Georgia and Alabama to 17 points in two of the last three weeks has to count for something as well.

If the scenario arises that the Buckeyes win the Big Ten, there's an argument for and against Urban Meyer's team.

Also looming large is the Buckeyes' Week 2 loss to Oklahoma. Ohio State would be coming off a top four win against the only undefeated Power Five team in the country remaining, that's better than anything Alabama has on its current resume.

Clemson (11-1) - I'm not an ACC homer and I also don't think SC was one of the top 25 teams in college football last week.

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