Capcom will release Mega Man 11 in 2018

Capcom will release Mega Man 11 in 2018

The game is now in development as a multi-platform release later in 2018.

If you're up to date on memes, the Mega Man X games are the same series that gave us "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOR?!".

The first game in the franchise was initially released on December 17, 1987 for the Nintendo, but the next one will be released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Per Capcom, Mega Man 11 is now being developed by a "veteran development team" at the company. Led by a talented, veteran development team at Capcom, the new game features tight side-scrolling action gameplay the series is known for while completely revolutionizing the experience for modern consoles.

Even better is the number of platforms Mega Man 11 will launch on. "Wily's berserk machines, defeating Robot Master bosses and taking their weapons, in an ever-evolving fight for justice with new and unique enemy designs", said Capcom.

The first Mega Man X game was released in Japan in 1993 and came to North America in 1994 for the SNES.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 on Switch will include a new "rewind" function that lets players quickly undo their Mega Man mishaps - a welcome addition to the notoriously challenging series, especially for those of a less masochistic disposition. It will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in late 2018.

Mega Man is a big part of gaming culture. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the collection will receive an update to add this feature.

Unfortunately, those excited about the next Mega Man game will have to wait until the summer of 2018 to get any more substantial information regarding the upcoming title. Visually, the game looks unlike the other Mega Man predecessors like Mega Man 9 and 10.

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