Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show

However, the spokesperson said, Amazon doesn't carry Google's Chromecast streaming device or its Google Home virtual assistant, or allow users of the Google Cast browser extension to access Amazon Prime Video.

The quarrel originally became public in September when Google pulled YouTube access from the new Echo Show for "violating terms of service" saying that Amazon's implementation of YouTube blocked what Google considered critical features. Earlier this year, Google stopped supporting Amazon's Echo Show so Amazon developed a work-around.

Your YouTube app on the Fire TV won't be cut off until January 1, but unfortunately YouTube access on the Echo Show will be pulled again sometime this afternoon.

It's likely that Google is using this latest tactic of pulling YouTube support from Amazon's video devices to force Amazon back to the negotiating table. Google went on to say that the "lack of reciprocity" has forced them to no longer support YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV.

Google has for some time offered limited versions of the YouTube app on the Fire TV.

The nail in the coffin, though, seems to be last month's decision by Amazon to stop selling Nest's latest products, too. Sans YouTube, Amazon looks to be banking on its in-house services and against the Chcolate Factory's built-in customer base. Meanwhile, online shoppers won't be able to buy some top selling hardware and smart home devices like the Google Home, Chromecast and Nest devices on the biggest e-commerce site.

Nest is Google's consumer-level home automation company, most notable for their smart thermostats, and has just introduced a new home security system, so Amazon's delisting came at the flawless time for maximum pettiness.

"We've been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services", Google has been telling the press.

Both companies should reach at an agreement and resolve these issues to avoid inconvenience to consumers.

A tit for tat between the two tech giants just reached a new level, with Google announcing Wednesday it is restricting YouTube access on Amazon products, since Amazon doesn't sell Google's products. Not only the removal of Nest's products, but Google is also miffed over Amazon's continued ignorance of Google Home or Chromecast.

Although Amazon markets its devices as having Fire OS, it is, in reality, a customized version of Android, meaning that the incompatibilities are purely artificial. "We hope to resolve this with Google as soon as possible".

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