GCPH stresses importance of flu vaccine

GCPH stresses importance of flu vaccine

"The strain that's been detected as the primary circuiting strain of flu virus can cause more severe illness than some of the other strains", Wiese said.

While it's too early for disease control experts to evaluate the efficacy of this year's vaccine, health officials say that even in seasons when the flu vaccine is not a ideal match for the most common strain of the virus floating around that year, people who are vaccinated experience less severe symptoms if they do become infected.

Twenty-three flu cases were reported to the Yakima Health District in the last week alone.

"Some protection is better than no protection", Kern County Public Health Services Department spokeswoman Michelle Corson said, stressing the importance of the vaccination.

"Even though we're seeing an increase in cases right now, this might not be the end, " she said.

In addition to getting the vaccine, the CDC recommends avoiding close contact with sick people, washing your hands often with soap and water and covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

Since September, there have been 106 lab-confirmed flu cases in the province, two intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and two outbreaks in long-term care facilities (LTC).

Flu vaccine is available in the province until March 31 at pharmacists, doctors and through public health clinics. Some experts say this year's flu shot might not prevent the illness for nine out of 10 people.

Flu began picking up last month. Ironically, the latter of the three has had a very strong resurgence this year in Australia, especially the northeastern state of Queensland.

"This is more typical of what we see most years", Shahab said. In the USA, we base our vaccine largely on what happens there. Vaccines are made each year to protect against the flu viruses that research indicates will be most common. This year, some experts claim the flu shot may only be 10 percent effective. "That is absolutely false". This report also includes granular analysis of the market share, geographic regions and revenue forecasts and of the North America Flu Vaccine market. This is your immune system doing its job, and should only last a day or so.

The vaccine can take up to two weeks to be fully effective. "Most people have no reaction at all, other than mild soreness in the arm where the shot was administered".

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