Netflix' A Christmas Prince tweet: A gaffe or invasion of privacy?

Netflix' A Christmas Prince tweet: A gaffe or invasion of privacy?

Rather than taking the route of Spotify and creating a personalized, interactive year in review, Netflix simply took to Twitter to fire shots at the 53 weirdos who watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days.

On Tuesday, the streaming company defended a tweet that was criticized for being "creepy".

Netflix has come under fire for exploiting user data for laughs, after its US Twitter account sent out a mocking tweet at the expense of viewers of one of its original movies.

While the tweet was clearly intended as a joke, it didn't sit well with some customers who found the message "creepy".

So now you know what Netflix does with all its important data. The film follows a writer who goes undercover at a palace and ends up falling in love with Prince Charming and while, OK, it's not quite Cinderella, and it's not even that Christmasy, it has all the makings of a cheesy romance that so many people secretly love to watch unfold.

While it is not clear how Netflix ensures that employees aren't able to access viewing preferences of individual users, a number of people are questioning if its right for the company to reveal what users watch on a public platform.

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Some are even comparing the tweet to bullying and saying the tweet shamed customers watching the feel-good movie.

When you start thinking about the amount of data that's floating out there about you, it's better to not think about it.

In response to this, Netflix has given a short statement to the BBC via one of their representatives. "This information represents overall viewing trends, not the personal viewing information of specific, identified individuals", it said. However, many people are either unaware of such data collection practices or are indifferent about them, and thus are quite surprised when presented with the facts. But, clearly, some people really like it.

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