Facebook says number of government data requests up considerably

Facebook says number of government data requests up considerably

Chris Sonderby, deputy general counsel of the social media company, said this is the first time Facebook has provided data on reports from rights holders. Once again, requests for account information have risen, jumping 21 percent compared to the previous six-month period. Each of those nation's administration had more than 50 percent of solicitations in truth, with the US (85 percent), United Kingdom (90 percent) and France (74 percent) striking for higher rates.

The request for data demanding confidentiality shows that the USA government has been strengthening its efforts for national security.

Facebook also announced on Monday that it removed almost 3 million posts, including videos, ads and other forms of content, from its services during the period under review, following complaints of counterfeiting and copyright and trademark infringement.

Facebook released its "Transparency Report" yesterday, December 18, covering January to July this year. Of the data requests submitted by U.S. law enforcement, 57 per cent also contained non-discloser orders, meaning that Facebook was prohibited from notifying the user.

India become the second nation with 12% of data request and the U.S with 41% became first in the list.

Coming to the copyrights, there were more than 200,000 copyright requests made related to Facebook content. Action was taken on 68% of those. In any case, a lot of that figure can be followed back to a deplorable shooting at a school in Mexico, which brought about Facebook confining access to 20,506 bits of substance. So, we scrutinize each request for legal sufficiency, no matter which country is making the request, and challenge those that are deficient or overly broad.

From January to June, Facebook restricted content 28,036 times, an uptick of 304 percent compared to last six months of 2016. Facebook said 217,265 of substance in its informal community were expelled after it followed up on 81 percent of 14,279 claims in the principal half of the year.

It, however, did not say exact;y what kind of information Dhaka had requested for. We continue to be deeply concerned by internet disruptions, which can create barriers for businesses and prevent people from sharing and communicating with their family and friends.

Facebook removed 1,818,794 posts due to copyright infringement from the site in that period, and 685,996 posts from Instagram because of copyright infringement.

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