Trump Said Haitian Immigrants "All Have AIDS" & It Gets Even Worse

Trump Said Haitian Immigrants

Donald Trump lashed out at his national security team over immigrants entering the United States in a June meeting, The New York Times reported Saturday afternoon.

The Times said its report came from more than three dozen interviews, but at the same time, noted that several other people at the meeting told them they did not recall Trump using the words.

More than 2,500 were from Afghanistan, a terrorist haven, the president complained.

The report cites "six officials who attended or were briefed about the meeting", and advises that Trump read aloud from a document given to him by known-racist Stephen Miller.

Reports of Trump's remarks come as his administration has sought to dramatically reshape the United States immigration system from almost every angle possible.

John Kelly, the current White House chief of staff, was then the secretary of homeland security and asked that the room be cleared of staff, but aides could still hear the president yelling from behind the closed door.

According to the New York Times he said 15,000 had come from Haiti before adding that they "all have AIDS".

"It's both sad and telling The New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous "sources". Still, the remarks are notable in that they underscore Trump's animus toward immigrants is personal as much as political-and that it is not shared by his closest advisers.

The White House has reportedly confirmed the meeting, but denied that Trump used the words "AIDS" or "huts" in referring to immigrants.

The Times reported that Tillerson replied angrily that "if he was so bad at his job, maybe he should stop issuing visas altogether".

The White House issued a swift denial of the comments on Saturday, calling the claims made by the Times "outrageous".

The story is titled "Stoking Fears, Trump Defied Bureaucracy to Advance Immigration Agenda" and takes a look at what the president has done to push his hard-line stances.

"He's basically saying, 'You people of color coming to America seeking the American dream are a threat to the white people, '" Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-immigrant organization America's Voice, told the Times.

Trump was said to be angered by the rising number of immigrants in the USA despite his travel bans.

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