Moscow subway bus crash kills four people

Moscow subway bus crash kills four people

Several people were killed and more than a dozen injured when a bus drove into an underground passageway in Moscow.

A bus left a road in Moscow before ploughing into a subway entrance, leaving four people dead and 11 injured, Russian officials say.

The circumstances of the crash are now being investigated, while police are on the scene.

Moscow police said both passengers and passers-by were killed. The bus driver was also detained and questioned, authorities said.

The Interfax news agency said investigators were looking into whether the incident had occurred as a result of a technical fault with the bus.

Police believe the crash wasn't an intentional attack, but caused by a possible mechanical issue or the driver losing control of the vehicle. According to various sources, he could have pushed the wrong pedal or taken off the bus from a handbrake, after which it rolled out into the underground passage.

The incident happened near Slaviansky Boulevard metro station.

At least four people are said to have died after a bus came off the road and hurtled down a set of stairs leading to a metro station.

Monday was a working day in Russian Federation because Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7, according to Reuters.

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