Apartment catches fire in NY; at least 12 hurt

Apartment catches fire in NY; at least 12 hurt

The latest blaze came less than a week after another fire in the Bronx killed 12 people.

The Fire Department of NY says 23 people, including a firefighter, are hurt following a Bronx blaze. A firefighter was listed among the 19 people suffering minor injuries.

The displaced residents were placed on an MTA bus so they could keep warm while firefighters continued battling the blaze.

A huge fire engulfed a Bronx apartment building overnight. The fire broke out in a furniture factory on the ground floor of the building and spread quickly.

Residents from the apartments above fled, including a man who ran outside with no shirt and no shoes.

"Praying for a swift recovery for all those injured", said Mayor Bill de Blasio on Twitter, thanking the fire department for its response.

Investigators say the fire was sparked by a child playing with a stove.

It has been four days since flames tore through the structure on Prospect Avenue, killing 12 people.

NY mayor Bill de Blasio described the incident as "the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in a quarter century".

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