You can now find your art lookalike with Google

You can now find your art lookalike with Google

The Google Arts & Culture app is part of the Google Cultural Institute, which provides information about artists, scientists and historical figures from 1,000 institutions worldwide. We here at Select All wouldn't want you to feel left out - unless you live outside the United States, in which case you're going to be left out, since the feature is now only available in the United States - so here's a very quick explainer on how to use the app. And once you've exhausted yourself of selfies, check out the rest of the Google Arts and Culture app; through it, you can do things like zoom in on fantastic masterpieces to see all of their incredible details.

The free Google Arts and Culture app is bridging the gap between generational vanities by using technology to help identify which portrait resembles you.

What is everyone using it now?

The Google Arts & Culture app searches a database of thousands of artworks from around the world to match up a user's selfie to a portrait hanging in a museum. After a simple download, users can use their front-facing cameras to take a selfie. It's also very shareable. Google has told some news outlets that the feature is experimental, so don't take things too personally if it matches you to a Picasso painting. Tap "get started", and you'll be guided through the process.

Agree to let Google analyse your photo. In some cases, the resemblance between the person and the piece of art is uncanny, while more frequently, the matches tend to be a little more baffling.

Take a selfie and allow the app will scan the image. That is changing quite quickly, however, because people have discovered a new feature that they're having a blast with right now on social media.

Sure are - check them out below.

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