Amazon Echo Spot: 'Smart alarm clock' with Alexa comes to the UK

Amazon Echo Spot: 'Smart alarm clock' with Alexa comes to the UK

Services like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa will be used to carry out safe shopping online more widely than ever in 2018, according to a study published by YouGov.

"Echo Spot combines the popular small design of Echo Dot, the display of Echo Show, and the features you love about Alexa into a stylish and compact device", says Jorrit Van der Meulen, Amazon Devices International Vice President.

Both the Echo Show and the Echo Spot are headlined by smart displays that serve up contextual information, while enabling video calls and media playback.

As with other devices, it uses Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) to make sure it connects to the right device using second generation far-field microphones (four of them, since you asked).

The Amazon Echo Spot is out now in the US. "This is the first Amazon Echo that I wouldn't mind using for music".

During the 2017 holiday season, the Echo Dot not only ranked as the top-selling Amazon device but also as the bestselling product on Amazon, in all categories and from all manufacturers. Users can also personalise the devices and scenes in their Fibaro smart home system via the company's desktop platform or via its Z-Wave or HomeKit apps.

Actually, calling the Echo Spot a smart alarm clock is doing it a disservice. In my opinion- no. This is where Alexa really comes into its own, as you'll be able to talk to your Spot to turn on or off the lights, switch on your smart kettle or other tasks.

You can disable the camera, as well as being able to mute the Spot as you can with other Echos so it stops listening, via a button on the top. The video offers three crop levels, so you can watch it as a round video if you want, or zoom out to see the bigger picture.

The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Spot bedside speaker is now officially available for preorder in the United Kingdom and is set to start shipping later this month. Or, if you prefer, a radio station.

The Amazon Echo Spot does everything the Echo Show does but it all feels better in this smaller form factor.

We're yet to test the Echo Spot's audio prowess, but we'd imagine it would be similar in quality to the Echo Dot.

The new Echo Spot can do everything the Echo Show can, with varying degrees of success.

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