WEATHER WARNING: Danger to life possible as winds hit 60mph

WEATHER WARNING: Danger to life possible as winds hit 60mph

The second snow and ice warning comes into place from Tuesday at 04:00to Wednesday at 11:00.

Persistent, heavy snow is expected with travel delays possible on some roads.

This warning has been updated with the southern boundary extended further south over northern England.

All schools in the Scottish Borders and more than 120 in Northern Ireland have been shut today in the wake of heavy snow, leaving thousands of children stuck at home.

The Met Office chief forecaster's statement adds: "A deepening area of low pressure is expected to track east across the United Kingdom during Wednesday night and into Thursday". Southwesterly winds will become more westerly in direction through the night.

Through the day, wintry showers will top up the levels where there is lying snow and some areas have a considerable covering.

"There may also be more than 15 cm over the high ground of Northern Ireland", assessed the Met Office's Chief Forecaster.

Meanwhile, in western Scotland between Monday and Thursday, frequent lightning strikes may cause disruption to power supplies in the area, and there is a possibility of temporary blizzard conditions.

The showers - be it wintry or not - will clear away rather quickly to leave a mostly dry second half of the night.

Thus, yellow warnings are in place for both Thursday and Friday in most areas of Northern England and Ireland.

The spokesperson said: "Very strong winds will affect parts of the United Kingdom during Wednesday night and into Thursday".

"For people planning to travel by rail, ferry, or plane, it's a similar message - you should check with the operator ahead of time to find out if your service has been affected by the conditions".

Yellow "be aware" warnings of snow and ice across much of Scotland and Northern Ireland are in force until 6pm on Wednesday.

The snow warning is then followed by a warning of high winds from Wednesday evening until Thursday lunchtime.

Initially it is expected to fall mainly as sleet and hail near some coasts, however, it is expected to fall in higher grounds.

"Injuries and danger to life from flying debris are possible, along with some damage to buildings", the spokesman added.

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