Jennifer Lawrence nominated for Worst Actress

Jennifer Lawrence nominated for Worst Actress

Transformers: The Last Knight and Fifty Shades Darker are the top contenders to be named worst movie of 2017 at the upcoming Golden Raspberry Awards.

It is, in fact, the fifth instalment in the robot-based action series.

Efron starred in Baywatch, which was also nominated for worst screenplay; while Lawrence's role in the divisive horror /satire Mother! gained the film its only nomination.

Among the nods for worst picture were "Baywatch", "The Emoji Movie", "The Mummy", "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "Fifty Shades Darker". It's only the second time that an animated film has been nominated in the category; The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure in 2013 was the other film.

In the running for Worst Supporting Actor are Javier Bardem for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Russell Crowe for The Mummy, Josh Duhamel and Anthony Hopkins for Transformers: The Last Knight and Mel Gibson for Daddy's Home 2.

And Fifty Shades Darker's worst combo is "any combination of two characters, two sex toys or two sexual positions". It received eight nominations in total, with its stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson up for Worst Actor and Actress respectively. Obviously, it's not much of an honor to be declared as one of the worst in your field, as last year's big "winners" - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Hillary's America: The Secret History of The Democratic Party - surely discovered. Comedic shortcomings aside, the clip only announces the nominees for Worst Picture, Actor, and Actress, though the full list has since been released (h/t USA Today).

How much did they make at the Box Office?

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