Killer Color: Dog's Life Endangered by Human Hair Dye

Killer Color: Dog's Life Endangered by Human Hair Dye

A Florida dog almost died from burns caused by human hair dye.

Pinellas County Animal Services posted the story of Violet, a white Maltese mix, to their Facebook page on Tuesday, alongside several graphic images of the dog's life-threatening burn injuries.

Vets gave her medication in an effort to reduce the pain she was suffering, and washed off as much of the chemical dye as they could.

But this led to her eyes swelling up and becoming "limp and listless".

The PCAS team went on to describe Violet's "arduous" road to recovery which started with the staff having to shave her hair off to measure the damage that was caused. "Let's all say that together-Do NOT, under any circumstances, use hair color intended for humans on your pets", the post warned.

Way to go, Pinellas County Animal Services and Violet!

Violet was apparently abandoned by her original owner and left to her plight.

The post continued: 'Violet began to tell us what to do - it started with a little noise; not really a bark, not really a cry.

Brightwell said Violet is a unique case as shes been the only one dropped off with these types of injuries stemming from human hair dye.

Violet didnt have a license or a microchip with her and wasnt reported lost, so the shelter has no idea of her former owner, Brightwell said.

People can be idiots when it comes to their pets.

For three months Violet endured quite a bit: pain medication, antibiotics, IV fluids, honey treatments, scab removal, anesthetizing and bandage changes, the animal services said. But then she found her voice and she never, ever, EVER stopped.

While the dog began to show signs of recovery, staff feared she would be left permanently blind.

"When the final bandages came off we breathed a collective sigh of relief - Violet was lovely", the animal shelter wrote.

And her new owner, David Anderson, a dog groomer with Woofgang Bakery and Grooming in St. Petersburg, said he was grateful to Animal Services staff for going above and beyond in treating her.

Have you ever tried your hair dye on the dog? "Shes a very sweet little girl".

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