Rohingya crisis haunts Myanmar government

Rohingya crisis haunts Myanmar government

Forsyth spoke one day after former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson resigned suddenly from an advisory panel on the crisis, calling it a "whitewash and a cheerleading operation" for Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi. "I had no notification", he said.

"I said, 'Don't mind the human rights, they are just a noisy bunch'".

The war of words has heaped embarrassment on Aung San Suu Kyi, whose star as a rights defender continues to plummet over her failure to speak out for the Rohingya in the face of overwhelming evidence of the Muslim minority group's suffering. "I pity her because she seems to be caught in the middle being a Nobel Prize victor for peace and this is the ruckus now she is heavily criticized", Duterte said. "She is heavily criticized".

Duterte, who was in India for the 2018 India-ASEAN Commemorative Summit, made the comment in a speech before Indian businessmen here Friday afternoon, just minutes before his scheduled flight back to the Philippines.

Richardson revealed that when he brought up the issue of two Reuters reporters - Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo - who are on trial, accused of breaching the country's Official Secrets Act while covering the crisis in Rakhine state, during a meeting with Suu Kyi, the conversation descended into an argument. More than 655,500 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh to escape a crackdown by the Myanmar military. U.S. and United Nations officials have described Myanmar's actions as "ethnic cleansing", while Suu Kyi, once regarded as a democracy icon, has been assailed as ineffective.

"A lot of these dictators, they dig their heels in, but after pressure and after negotiation and relating to them personally, we've had this success", Richardson said.

"The relationship with the West, with human rights groups, with the United Nations, with the global media is bad", he told news agencies on phone from New Mexico on Friday.

He said the United Nations was inutile for failing to stop killings and massacres.

"The United Nations has no goal for mankind as far as I am concerned".

"As far as I'm concerned, with all its inutility, it has not prevented any war, it has not prevented any massacre".

Duterte said that libertarians had been emphasizing human rights too much which could lead to the loss of a country's dignity and the derogation of its citizens.

Duterte also ranted about the United States' supposed efforts to impose their views on other countries and the imperialists' exploitation of the resources of territories they conquered.

"That's the problem. You impose your values, you are very strong and at that United Nations has no objective at all actually for mankind", Duterte said. "If you put human rights ahead in premium and values, then one day just like the four million Filipinos and the Philippines, you would lose dignity - you erode, derogate the dignity of your fellowmen", he added.

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