Amazon Alexa Can Now Send SMS from Your Android Phone

Amazon Alexa Can Now Send SMS from Your Android Phone

This will allow users of Amazon's intelligent personal assistant to send SMS messages, to their friends and other contacts, reported TechCrunch. However, it is only now limited to Android users in the United States and there's no word yet when it will expand to other platforms and territories (or if it ever will). Also, they must have the Alexa app installed. Still, now you can simply say, "Alexa send a text message to dad" and it will do so, using your Android phone as a conduit.

You'll need to live in the U.S. and have an Android phone linked up to your Alexa account in order to take advantage of this feature.

Though Amazon's take on the smartphone failed to catch on, Alexa has taken on more phone-like capabilities such as calling and now texting.

"Please note that text-to-911, group messages, and MMS are not supported", said Amazon. Yes, customers can now send SMS to others via Alexa.

Users who want to disable SMS features can do so by going to their contact card in the Alexa app and toggling it off.

Once the Send SMS setting is enabled, you can tell Alexa to send a "message" and it will try to send a message using Amazon's Alexa messaging service.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are battling to have their digital assistants - along with the required devices like smart speakers - front and center in consumers' homes. It remains to be determined whether Apple's $349 HomePod speaker will be successful, but industry competition is always a good thing for consumers. However, this latest feature will be the first time that people are able to send a message to someone who doesn't already own an Alexa-powered device.

It all starts after the machine malfunctions, leading the Amazon team to quickly round up a star-studded team of replacements to substitute for Alexa in the meantime.

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