Jaguar I-Pace will be officially revealed on 1 March

Jaguar I-Pace will be officially revealed on 1 March

That's why Jaguar has developed a pre-conditioning system for the I-Pace that ensures it delivers its maximum range, performance and comfort whether temperatures are freezing cold or extremely hot.

The I-PACE was earlier tested in temperatures as low as -40°C.

The news came by way of yet another JLR teaser video, this one showing the by-now-familiar camouflaged I-Pace prototype in wintry conditions at a test site in Arjeplog, Sweden. It represents the next generation of battery electric vehicle design. The I-PACE will be Jaguar's first all-electric production auto, and has recently been undergoing Arctic testing to make sure its performance is up to scratch in ice and snow. Batteries in particular aren't a fan of being cooled down: it can have a significant impact on overall range, indeed.

Jaguar past year announced that the I-Pace would be launched in South Africa in 2019, joining the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 as SA's only full-electric vehicles.

It's an impressively short time.

For rapid charging, using a typical public 50 KW DC charging network, a full charge will take just over two hours - enough to deliver more than 500km range (measured on the European NEDC test cycle).

For one thing, the I-PACE will be the first real rival for Tesla, meaning it'll offer a comparable performance figures (more on that in a minute) all put together inside a premium package.

This is not at fast as the Tesla Supercharger but will still offer a decent option for Jag drivers on the go.

Jaguar's I-PACE fully-electric crossover SUV will finally be available to pre-order on March 1. As you'd expect, there'll be pre-conditioning offered for when you have the auto plugged in, automatically adjusting the cabin temperature ahead of time so that you don't waste power on that when underway. Ahead of the I-Pace's long-awaited premiere, the Tata Motors-owned marque has made a decision to drop new details to ease the wait and get more people excited about the first Jag to come without a combustion engine.

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