Hawaii missile defense test fails to intercept target

Hawaii missile defense test fails to intercept target

Wednesday's test was the missile system's first-ever flight from the Aegis Ashore facility at Kauai's Pacific Missile Range Facility, reports the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

According to CNN, the test was conducted on Wednesday and failed to intercept an incoming target launched from an aircraft.

Ellison adds that the USA successfully conducted a similar test in February of past year, off the USS John Paul Jones, when it intercepted a ballistic missile target using the same type SM-3 Block IIA interceptor.

Developed by defense contractor Raytheon Co, the missile that was used is meant to reduce the threat posed by intermediate range missiles.

The emergency worker who sent a false public safety alert on January 13 warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack on Hawaii believed that a ballistic missile was truly bound for the state after mishearing a recorded message as part of an unscheduled drill, according to a preliminary investigation by federal officials.

A June test of the SM-3 Block IIA missile fired from a U.S. Destroyer failed because of user error, but a test of the missile in February past year was successful.

A test of a US missile interceptor failed in Hawaii on Wednesday, a defense official said, marking the second such unsuccessful attempt in less than a year. The agency had a vague checklist for missile alerts, allowing workers to interpret the steps they should follow differently.

A spokesperson at the Defense Department told International Business Times they had no comment on the matter.

CNN reported that Pentagon officials have decided not to talk about the failure due to sensitivities around North Korea.

Branding North Korea's leadership as "depraved", U.S. President Donald Trump told Americans on Tuesday that Pyongyang's pursuit of nuclear missiles could "very soon threaten our homeland" and vowed a continued campaign of maximum pressure to keep that from happening.

An intercepting missile test for the missile last June also failed after a successful test in early 2017.

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