Donations Flood In for Father Who Attacked Larry Nassar in Court

Donations Flood In for Father Who Attacked Larry Nassar in Court

A man who tried to attack Larry Nassar in a MI courtroom has publicly apologized again and insists he's "no hero".

The enraged father of three daughters who were sexually abused by Larry Nassar lunged at the former USA Gymnastics national team doctor and tried to attack him during a sentencing hearing in a MI courtroom on Friday.

In Friday's courtroom appearance, Margraves had demanded "five minutes alone with that demon", and when the judge refused, asked for one minute.

Margraves then looked at Nassar, shook his head and called him a profanity while speaking at the courtroom podium.

The judge refused, riling Margraves to run up and attack Nassar.

Margraves told the court the last thing he wants to do is cause further pain for his family.

Margraves then lunged at Nassar, who was sitting nearby.

"As father of 2 girls, the video made me cry ... that you were stopped before you reached him", supporter Robert Wykoski wrote.

A tall, burly man with thick gray hair, Margraves said his relationship with his daughters had always been "strained, distant and hard".

Simone Biles says she's met the new president of USA Gymnastics but hasn't heard from the U.S. Olympic Committee regarding the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. As uniformed officers pulled him from the courtroom, he implored them, "What if this happened to you guys?"

On Friday, after two of his daughters gave victim-impact statements, Randall Margraves asked to address Nassar.

Cunningham could have given Margraves a jail sentence or fine as she considered whether to hold him in contempt of court. So they can ensure this never happens in any sport again.

The Attorney General's office has created a hotline for anyone who believes they have credible information linked to the investigation at MSU, its handling of Larry Nassar's sexual assaults and other related matters. "Give me one minute with that bastard". "I lost control, I apologize a hundred times", said Margraves. "I'm not here to upstage [them]", Margraves said.

"This is letting him have this power over us", she said.

During the press conference Friday, Grewal said a GoFundMe page set up in support of Randall Margraves was not authorized and asked that it be taken down.

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