Unlicensed doctor infects at least 33 people with HIV in India

Unlicensed doctor infects at least 33 people with HIV in India

At least 33 people have tested positive for HIV in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh after an unqualified medical practitioner injected some of them with an infected syringe, a government official said. According to the people habiting in the area, they visited a quack for treatment where the accused used a single needle on all the patients.

The investigation revealed that the quack in a neighbouring village had used a single syringe for injection in the name of cheaper treatment.

Local health officials said at least 21 people have been found to have contracted HIV during a medical camp in the district. The camps were set up after an increase in HIV cases began to show up at district hospitals late a year ago.

India's health department then launched an investigation and set up three screening camps for the town's residents.

The fake doctor travels by bike to poor regions to "treat" people. Because he charged less money, the villagers went to him instead of the government clinic. They had all been treated by a particular quack, who is now in police custody and faces criminal charges. Health directorate sources here said that action would also be taken against the district health officials for their failure to crack down on the quacks operating in the district. Choudhury said that most likely prompted the spread of HIV. "So we're mapping truck drivers who come there and offer treatment to them", Sidharth Nath Singh told ANI.

At present, India has an estimated 2.1 million people living with HIV. Of those, 9,100 were youngsters under age 15. Over time, an HIV infection can develop into AIDS, a progressive failure of the immune system that leaves the body open to life-threatening infections and cancers. Reacting to the reports of 40 positive cases of HIV, the medical superintendent said that the concerned authorities have been alerted a future course of action is being designed.

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