Amazon to deliver Whole Foods groceries in two hours for Prime users

Amazon to deliver Whole Foods groceries in two hours for Prime users

If you're an Amazon Prime member and live in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, or Virginia Beach, Amazon will now deliver those ingredients from Whole Foods to your door in two hours or less, for free.

The grocery store chain, now owned by Amazon, will deliver its products via Amazon's Prime Now Service, which delivers products in under two hours. Walmart is No. 1, followed by Kroger, Costco and Albertsons. Both of those companies, which have partnered with most of the country's major grocery chains, offer memberships that provide discounted delivery.

A full 40% say they'd buy more groceries online if they were less expensive and 23% said they'd do it if it were more convenient, according to a Walker Sands survey. There is also an expedited delivery option that costs an extra $7.99 to get those items quicker.

The initial impact Amazon had on Whole Foods was price-lowering - various in-store Whole Foods items like salmon, avocados, apples, and more were discounted when the deal closed. They cornered 18 percent of the entire grocery delivery market last month.

Amazon said in a press release that it plans to roll the program out to more cities later in the year. "People love to shop at Whole Foods for perishables, including seafood and bakery, and those categories don't lend themselves to delivery so well". Amazon is now the number one online seller of groceries, accounting for 18% of total sales, a Packaged Facts report notes.

The spokesperson added that not every single item would likely me available at certain stores but the overwhelming majority of them will be. In an email sent to Food Dive, Moody's lead retail analyst Charlie O'Shea called this the beginning of Amazon "unlocking" the true value of its acquisition. Regular Amazon orders are filled by Amazon employees at enormous, purpose-built Amazon fulfillment centers.

"Whole Foods' strength has always been in the fresh foods", Cerankosky said.

"This is where we're starting", Stephenie Landry, vice president of Prime Now, told the Seattle Times.

It was always a matter of when, not if, would start offering its Prime members fast deliveries of groceries ordered from Whole Foods.

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