Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Google is bringing Instant one-tap replies to messaging apps

Reply is also able to recognize if a user has received an urgent message.

The Smart Reply feature, first brought to Gmail's email client back in 2015, was a figurative lifesaver and allowed users to hand over the emailing reigns to Google's contextual AI.

The Area 120 project will offer its suggested replies right in the notifications from these chat apps. Smart Replies might sound robotic/impersonal at times but are a boon when whipping out your phone to draft a full-fledged text simply isn't an option.

In an email test sent to potential testers, published by Android Police, a spokesman for the team said: 'You probably get a lot of chat messages. If, for example, a recipient gets an invitation to a party or a meeting, the AI will automatically interpret this and provide appropriate responses like "I'll be there", or "See you!" or something along those lines.

The Reply software is able to suggest Smart Replies to questions like "Are you at the restaurant" and "When can you be home".

Allo now uses Smart Reply in its message platform to enable users to quickly respond to messages with a selection of context-aware replies.

Smart Reply is an AI-powered technology that creates automatic response suggestions. But the feature has not been made available to all Android Messages users as of yet.

Called Reply, the team wants to include smart replies in basically any messaging app, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter DMs, and Slack. Offering similar technology across a range of apps - and potentially only for Android users - could help push some users to adopt Android over iOS; or could prompt them to move to Gmail when they see how useful Smart Reply technology can be. Reply will be able to silence users' phone when they are driving, and it will also inform people who send a message that the user can not chat at the moment.

Smart Reply feature was initially launched by the company for the email app known as Inbox.

If you're interested in testing out Reply and other applications from Area 120 in the future, your best bet is to sign up to join the incubator's Early Access Program.

In an email to testers, Google showed how the technology will work in chat applications like Android Messages, and Hangouts.

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