Working to strengthen bond between Gujarat and Canada: Justin Trudeau

Working to strengthen bond between Gujarat and Canada: Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said he has always emphasised on how similar US President Donald Trump and he are in their approach towards the future, investment and how both their policies have worked very well for Canada and US' economy.

The Times of India was equally perplexed with Trudeau's visit.

On Monday, speaking with the students at IIM Ahmedabad, the Canadian Prime Minister, who is on a week-long visit to India, said that women were facing discrimination, sexism, and judgment every day in their lives. "Some of those responsible for terror in Punjab are still finding solace in the country, which Trudeau heads", he told reporters.

It is worth mentioning that three days after his arrival, Canada and India entered a two-way investment deal worth $1 billion covering a range of sectors from natural health products to artificial intelligence. Around 500,000 of these people are of the Sikh religion with roots in India's northern Punjab state, and are seen as a crucial voting bloc by Trudeau's Liberal Party. Canada can bring top talents from the world.

Trudeau has saved the most important meetings for his second last day in the country.

However, he said Canadians seem increasingly aware of the rise of Asia and India's importance and the Canada brand in India is growing.

In the video released by news agency "The Canadian Press", Trudeau further says that "we will continue to advocate for one united India and that is something core to what Canada is".

Gurdwaras in the United States and the United Kingdom also followed suit. "Our ties with Canada on the nuclear front have vastly improved". Jagmeet Singh, one of the rising stars in Canadian politics who belongs to the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) and the man behind the motion to declare 1984 a "genocide", is ambivalent about the role of Talwinder Singh Parmar, the man behind Canada's worst terrorist attack: The 1985 Air India bombing incident. "Understanding the benefits of immigration will benefit", he added. To quote from Ushinor, "This offshore radicalism is also organically linked, and bleeds right back, to the narrative unfolding in Punjab". And Jagmeet Singh should denounce Khalistani radicals. Trudeau counts four Sikh-Canadians in his cabinet. "I think just the ease of doing business, the business friendliness of the Canadian government across the country I think is something that is a true delight for an investor".

Earlier reports had suggested, that due to PM Trudeau's perceived pro-Khalistan stance, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh would not be meeting him during the Canadian PM's trip to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple.

An Indian politician who publicly accused members of Justin Trudeau's cabinet of being connected to the Sikh separatist movement will meet the prime minister later this week.

Trudeau said Canada was open to immigration and trade.

The Chief Minister has, meanwhile, ordered the administration to ensure that the Canadian Prime Minister and his family is extended all the courtesies befitting their status. "The definition of what it means to be a Canadian has nothing to do with what we look like, has much more to do with openness to fashion, openness to work, desire to be with each other, love for hockey", he said. A movement that seeks political solution through terror can not be cast within the paradigm of "freedom of expression".

"It takes tremendous amount of strength to be strong, without having to be aggressive, without having to pick fights, instead looking to better understand each other, to better question yourself". When asked, Canadian government officials cite "freedom of expression" issues to explain their stand.

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