How to Play Super Mario Odyssey's Balloon World

How to Play Super Mario Odyssey's Balloon World

News of this excellent new addition for the Switch (and Super Mario Odyssey) comes as rumours around another big potential Switch game have started to gather pace this week.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus brings classic Pac-Man gameplay in 3D to the Nintendo Switch.

Despite the brotherly love, players are still having fun asserting Mario's dominance as the protagonist of the game, even if poor old Luigi looks visibly distressed by his brother's obsession with fame. This title, however, won't be released on the Switch until February 27.

In Balloon World, you can choose to either hide balloons around the kingdom for other players to locate, or find secret balloons rivals have placed.

For anyone who doesn't recall this new DLC was showcased last month during Nintendo's Mini Direct on YouTube.

After downloading the update and beating the main story, Luigi will now show up in different kingdoms to give Mario a new challenge. The two new Snapshot filters, meanwhile, are Coin and Neon.

The upcoming update boasts a new mini mini-game mode called Balloon World which players will unlocks after completing the main story. The more balloons you find, and the more other players fail to find yours, the higher you will climb in the global ranking. For a full list of all the outfits now available or to get help finding all the power moons check out our wiki guide. The colorful red guy can now dress up in all the new outfits the developers have designed for him and it is sure to make the game more addictive than it is already is, with these customization options. So New Donk City will be all rainy during the day, for example, while you'll be able to soak in Tostarena's sunset.

More new outfits are planned, says Nintendo, so keep your eyes peeled.

Best records will not be reset. "Hopefully we do that at some point!"

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