Man takes a $1600 Uber ride home after drunken night out

Man takes a $1600 Uber ride home after drunken night out

But one New Jersey native recently took the blackout Uber ride of a lifetime.

A New Jersey man visiting West Virginia has reportedly paid $1,635 (£1,160) for an Uber trip after drunkenly ordering a ride home instead of to his accommodation.

Using Uber's ride-hailing service to get home after a long night of drinking is definitely the responsible thing to do.

The bad news? That party was in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Like, where he lives.

"When I woke up in the passenger seat of some random older foreign man's auto I had so many questions", he said.

When he got the bill for $1,635.93, he realized he also ordered UberXL; the option for a larger auto that riders use for larger groups.

It's an easier mistake than you'd think, which if you've ever used the apps you already know.

Unfortunately, surge pricing was in full effect, costing Bachman a lot more money than it would've typically cost him.

Bachman claims he never submitted his home address for the ride. The trip set him back $1,600.

Bachman got back to New Jersey safe and sound.

Bachman says he gave the driver five stars.

"I didn't know what to think", he said. "He was on my phone, without me allowing it". Uber confirmed the driver took our drunken friend to the requested destination, so Kenneth has to pay up! Uber also connected with Bachman and resolved the matter, which ended with him agreeing to pay the fare.

While taking a taxi, Uber, or even Lyft when you're drunk is generally a good idea, it doesn't prevent every poor decision.

"I just woke up", Bachman told NJ Advance Media in a phone interview.

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