Teacher charged with firing gun in Georgia school had exhibited unusual behavior

Teacher charged with firing gun in Georgia school had exhibited unusual behavior

A high school teacher barricaded himself in a classroom Wednesday and fired one shot from a handgun, reports say.

The only injury reported was a student who hurt their ankle running during the evacuation of the school.

Police said that the teacher allegedly barricaded himself in a classroom on Wednesday.

Police said when the principal attempted to open the door with a key, he heard a gunshot from inside the classroom.

At about 11:30 a.m., a group of students tried to enter a classroom, but Davidson refused to let them in.

The incident prompted the high school to go into lockdown as police helped to evacuate students (above).

But at a school in Dalton, Georgia, alarms have soared again.

He added that the teacher would face "appropriate charges because this is a very egregious act that took place at the school".

On Twitter, a Dalton High student responded to the idea that this incident was staged.

At Dalton High a week ago, police found a "threatening" note on the floor of a classroom, but it wasn't related to the shooting Wednesday.

Amid all the heated debates around gun control in the United States, the incident in the Dalton High School, Georgia, comes as a sign of things to come if teachers are armed with guns. Students were being trampled and screaming.

The Times Free Press reports that the police negotiated with the teacher for about 30 to 45 minutes after he fired the gun, a revolver, before he was arrested.

The school resource officer and the police were immediately informed.

In response, President Trump proposed a plan to arm some teachers and staff in schools across the country, a plan backed by the National Rifle Association.

Frazier said he had no immediate explanation of what may have precipitated the incident, and he declined to say whether he believed it stemmed from a suicide attempt.

Police noted that Davidson didn't appear to want to hurt the students or faculty.

Davidson has been a social studies teacher at Dalton High since fall 2004 and is certified to teach history, political science, economics, geography and behavioral science, according to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

"But this one was real", student Wesley Caceres said. "I thought it was a dream". But a spokesman says apparently the teacher DIDN'T intend to harm any students.

Three teachers were among the 17 people killed in the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Wednesday's incident wasn't his first unusual interaction with law enforcement in Dalton, a city of nearly 35,000 residents about 80 miles northwest of Atlanta.

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