Tiffany Haddish rocked that same white dress again for the 2018 Oscars

Tiffany Haddish rocked that same white dress again for the 2018 Oscars

"If I die and even if I become fat as hell - if I'm the biggest, fattest - I don't care, " she said. Some eagled-eyed viewers spotted that Ms. Haddish was wearing the same dress she wore to promote "Girls Trip" and to host "Saturday Night Live".

Haddish stunned in the white high-neck gown at the "Girls' Trip" premiere in July of 2017.

On the red carpet, Haddish wore a different dress, which referenced Eritrean fashion.

She added that, despite the advice of others who called repeating a dress such as this "taboo", she'd wear the gown "multiple times", no matter the occasion.

The actress clearly has a good dry-cleaner on duty.

With the $4,000 price tag, Haddish has said she would wear it as often as she could. "This dress cost way more than my mortgage, this is an Alexander McQueen, OK?"

Haddish also made waves for dusting off her by-now iconic white Alexander McQueen for the 2018 Oscars, her third time wearing it in public, which is unheard of in Hollywood. As Streep, dressed in a full-length red gown, walked down the carpet surrounded by screaming fans, Haddish came running, climbing over the rope to give "The Post" actress a hug.

She went on to tease that white people using headsets made her feel like she was "in a department store".

After Tiffany complained that she'd been wearing her heels since early Sunday morning, Maya countered that she'd been wearing hers for weeks: "Girl, my pinky toe fell off!"

"We are so happy to be here, but our feet hurt", Haddish said, brandishing her shoes in hand, as did Rudolph.

Jennifer was seen pulling up her dress so that she wouldn't trip.

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