Jamie Carragher apologises for spitting incident - but should he be sacked?

Jamie Carragher apologises for spitting incident - but should he be sacked?

Jamie Carragher has been suspended by Sky Sports after he spat in the direction of a 14-year-old girl following a brief verbal exchange with the teenager's father over the result of a football match.

The former Liverpool defender was arguing with a rival fan when he took aim at the man, who was taunting him about United beating the Reds 2-1 at Old Trafford.

Jamie Carragher will miss the next two weeks of Sky Sports coverage after spitting at a 14-year-old girl. Watching those clips back it feels like nearly an out of body thing. I have seen the video and it certainly doesn't look good.

"That's the only time I've reacted like that, it'll be the only time I ever react like that". Hopefully they accept that and I'd like to apologise again.

"I would hope five seconds of madness will not take over everything of what I've done - I don't feel like that's a real representation of me".

Greater Manchester Police said on Monday they were not investigating the incident, and had received no complaint from the man driving the vehicle Carragher spat at.

Jamie Carragher met with Sky Sports bosses in London on Monday, when he learned he was being suspended. The young girl was sat back and reclined in the chair and she was in the line of fire.

"I'll be vilified for it and rightly so". It doesn't matter who you're spitting at. No excuses he's made a big mistake. Slamming him for his disgusting actions, English football legend Vinnie Jones ripped Carragher apart and asked him to step down from his job as a TV presenter.

Sky's statement did not say how long Carragher's suspension would last and, on his future as a pundit with the company, the 40-year-old said "it remains to be seen and it's Sky's decision".

"I've been on TV for three years with him and imo [in my opinion] this isolated incident shouldn't stop us working together".

Football fans reacted with anger to Carragher's spitting shame.

Carragher will welcome the support offered up by Neville and now Sky will now weigh up their options over a popular pundit who has confirmed he has not offered to resign from his role.

Murphy believes Carragher - whose own duaghter is of a similar age - when he said he didn't know the girl was in the auto, but admits what he did was "despicable" nevertheless.

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