BDI: German industry needs clarity on Brexit by next week

BDI: German industry needs clarity on Brexit by next week

Britain must "translate speeches into treaties" and come up with a detailed plan for its post-Brexit ties with the EU, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday.

Speaking at a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Juncker said that with just a little over a year to March 29, 2019 when Britain leaves the EU, there was an urgency to organise an orderly withdrawal.

The BDI interpreted the development as an "alarming sign" that Brexit was already "casting a shadow" on economic relations between Britain and EU.

Juncker said the controversial "backstop" proposal for dealing with the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic "translates faithfully" the agreement reached between Mrs May and the European Union in December.

"If nerve gas was actively used against civilians in one of our member states, I believe that the European Council should, in clear terms, express its full solidarity with the British people and the British government in addressing this issue", said Timmermans, who as Dutch foreign minister accused Russian Federation of downing an airliner flying from Amsterdam over Ukraine in 2014.

"We agreed that we need new priorities: research, innovation, digitalisation", said Olbrycht, adding that existing priorities remained important.

Britain has said it no longer wants to be part of the EU's seamless and tariff-free internal market and the customs union.

Juncker warned it was particularly crucial for London to clarify its plans for the sensitive issue of the Irish border.

It had previously said the integrity of the single market for remaining European Union member states should be a priority.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier defended a proposal for the EU to continue to regulate trade in the North after Brexit, should no other ways emerge to avoid a hard border.

Overall, he added, "it is time to face up to the hard facts".

"Do they also want to distance themselves from our regulatory model, the one that we have constructed together with you - and you with us - for 44 years?"

His European Parliament motion calls for an "association agreement" to deal with the future UK-EU relationship.

Mr Farage, a supporter of USA president Donald Trump, said the United Kingdom should leave the European Union without a transition deal and claimed a transatlantic trade deal could be struck "in 48 hours".

"But you should not simply discard the idea of a customs union".

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