Pakistan calls back envoy, India says 'routine'

Pakistan calls back envoy, India says 'routine'

India refuses to be drawn into any controversy regarding Pakistan's decision to call its High commissioner for consultations. This is pretty normal & routine. "It is not a recall".

Following alleged harassment of its diplomats, Pakistan called back its High Commissioner in Delhi for a meeting. We would like our missions to function normally, without any obstruction or harassment in keeping with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, " the spokesperson added. "The security of our diplomats is paramount, and Pakistan will take every step in this regard", he said. The statement also claimed that claimed that Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner's auto was chased and his driver was abused by a group of men in New Delhi last week.

Earlier in the day, Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal told the media in Islamabad that the government would hold consultations with its envoy in New Delhi over "recent incidents of harassing of their diplomats".

The development comes after the Pakistan High Commission complained on Saturday that its diplomats were being subjected to different kinds of harassment in New Delhi.

His comment came when it came to light that tension has been brewing between the two sides for a couple of months - one of the incidents involved the doorbell of the Indian deputy High Commissioner J P Singh being rung at 3 am.

According to sources, the Indian High Commissioner's auto was recently stopped by Pakistani agencies in the middle of a busy road to prevent him from attending a lunch hosted by the Bohra community in Karachi, where he had gone to attend a literature festival.

The Pakistan foreign ministry, meanwhile, lashed out at India over the row, saying: "The deliberate bullying is not confined to a single isolated event, but continues unabated in a series of incidents". Indian high commissioner in Pakistan, Ajay Bisaria, met the Pakistan foreign secretary on February 16 to robustly protest such "multiple acts of hooliganism" against Indian staff and property as reported by TOI.

India, however, said that its diplomats posted to Islamabad have been facing similar harassment.

Pakistan said at least three of its diplomats, and several of their children, had been harassed in recent days.

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