Former Playboy Model Sues Media Group For Freedom To Talk About Trump

Former Playboy Model Sues Media Group For Freedom To Talk About Trump

That is the same year that pornographic actor Stephanie Clifford, whose stage name is Stormy Daniels, says she began her own affair with Trump, when he was already married to Melania.

The Times report said McDougal's suit claims Cohen was "secretly involved" in her talks with American Media Inc., and outlines a number of similarities between the two. According to her lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, she went on about her life until Trump became the GOP presidential candidate a decade later and "he and his allies did not want news of the relationship to undermine his campaign".

"A quarter billion dollar company posing as a media organization systematically intimidated and silenced Karen McDougal in order to achieve its political and financial ends, and she will no longer be quiet", Peter Stris, Founding Partner Stris & Maher, said.

McDougal claims the company paid her $150,000 to remain silent about the affair, which supposedly took place in 2016 after Trump secured the Republican nomination.

In her lawsuit, McDougal says she didn't know about Pecker's friendship with Trump or the "catch and kill" practice when she was originally negotiating her deal in 2015.

Zervos accuses him of sexual harassment, and the go-ahead to proceed in the case raises the possibility of Trump being forced to answer questions by her lawyers about his behavior toward her and other women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Howard spent several hours pressing McDougal on the details of her story.

The model - who last month told The New Yorker that the purported coverup took her took her "rights away" - also claimed that American Media warned her that further disclosures would break her contract and "cause considerable monetary damages".

The lawsuit also accuses McDougal's former attorney, Keith Davidson, of colluding with Cohen and American Media.

McDougal realized that she's been duped just before election day in 2016, when the Wall Street Journal wrote about her AMI contract.

Along with Daniels, this makes McDougal the second woman to fight a legal agreement mandating her silence so she can expose an alleged extra-marital relationship with Trump.

Davidson told her AMI would purchase her story but "not publish it" because of chief executive David J. Pecker's close relationship with Trump. But several days later, the media company declined to buy it, the complaint reads, and "Mr. Davidson revealed that, in fact, there was no money in escrow". The alleged mistresses have made similar claims about their courtships with the Big Cheeto, like being showered with golf course related gifts and dates at the same Beverly Hills hotel.

Emails sent to the Trump Organization and Cohen seeking comment received no response by press time.

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